Harriet Larson Founders Grant

Harriet_Larson_Tribute In honor of a founding member of the Friends of Michigan Libraries, FOML awards up to two grants annually. Each “Harriet Larson Founders Grant” is worth up to $400 each. They are designed to help Friends groups in their efforts to support, enhance and showcase their local library. The grants will be awarded by the Grants Committee based on the following priorities when reviewing applications, provided an applicant meets all of the applicable eligibility requirements: 1. A new Friends group is being officially formed; 2. A Friends group that is being rejuvenated, with a higher priority given to a group with a longer period of inactivity; 3. An existing Friends group has a proposal for increasing membership, increasing community awareness, or a proposal for a novel approach to advocating for their library in the community. “Harriet Larson Founders Grant” applications received by March 31st and September 30th of each year will be considered at the first FOML Board meeting following those dates. All applicants should be aware that the purchase or rental of equipment (such as audio-visual equipment or kitchen appliances) needed to implement the activities or events associated with this grant are not considered valid expenditures. The grant form has been designed for you to complete within Adobe Reader on your computer. Please note: you cannot save information on the application. Be sure to print two copies, one for your records and one to be mailed to the address below. Mary Ann Doyle and Deb Christiansen from the Friends of the Schoolcraft Community Library are in the colorful t-shirts bought with FOML grant money awarded in September, 2013. Their volunteers wear the shirts to stand out at library and community events. To sign up please send your application to: FOML Grants Committee c/o Irene Bancroft Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative 503 S. Saginaw Street, Suite 711 Flint, MI 48502 Click here for the Harriet Larson Founders Grant application. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please click here for a free download.