Michigan Authors

Michigan Authors for Libraries

FOML is beginning a Michigan Authors for Libraries partnership with Michigan authors, based on a similar Authors for Libraries program at ALTAFF (Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations). We envision this partnership as a way to connect authors with Michigan libraries and, specifically, with Michigan Friends groups.

FOML is initiating this partnership because we believe in the significant value of Michigan Libraries and the importance of Michigan authors and their connection to libraries.

Authors on the Michigan Authors for Libraries list have agreed to provide contact information and a personal statement about the importance of libraries, and they have given FOML permission to use the statement on its website or in print.


“The easiest way to measure a community’s commitment to the education of its citizens of all ages is to examine the public library facilities and services it provides.”

– Charles K. Hyde
419 Royal Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(248) 588-0097

“Libraries are sacred places, the home of a community’s dreams, aspirations, and tales, both cautionary and celebratory. They up with the fire department and school system as far being absolutely necessary to the health and well-being of us all. Support them.”

– Doug Stanton
Traverse City, MI

“Libraries have always been bastions of civilization, and will continue to be so. When all the electronic devices fail and the blogosphere fades into the atmosphere, libraries will still be here, sturdy as castles and stately as redwoods, landmarks for wanderers and gathering places for the free-minded and questing. When night comes we’ll always be drawn to their light like moths.”

– Jerry Dennis
3933 Blue Water Road
Traverse City, MI 49686


“As a lyric, classic, humanist poet and film historian, I had my early inspiration (born July 1944) in books and magazines at home – and in libraries! Besides “required” school books, there were many surprises at public libraries – Agee on Film; theatre annuals; Proust; bound volumes of Time from the 1940’s; the New York edition of Henry James; the novels and stories of John O’Hara – and many more! Long live libraries!”

– L. E. Ward
P. O. Box 107
Iron River, MI 49935-0107
(906) 265-3253

“Where else but in our public library / can we indulge our curiosities, / imagination dancing in the round, / as one notion chases after others?”

– Excerpt from To Be Among These Elegant Voices, poem by Thomas Lynch
Milford, MI

“Libraries are more relevant and essential than ever. A good library is a focal point of a community, not only providing a host of information but serving as a portal to the whole world.”

– Greg Kowalski
Hamtramck, MI

“I have used several libraries in Wayne and Oakland Counties and learned how to use a computer at a library in Destin, Florida. They have been and are a vital resource in my life.”

– Charlotte Cavanary
Hamtramck, MI

“Most of us enter a public library moved by a sense of curiosity; whatever we find there, we are reluctant to leave. I think of the library as a place of respite, a gentle bastion where reflection, inquiry, and renewal are still blessedly possible.”

– John Harrison Smolens
Northern Michigan University
237 Gries Hall
Marquette, MI 49855