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Levels of Giving and Benefits

INDIVIDUAL – Your personal membership helps support and develop FOML services to Friends across the state of Michigan.

GROUP – This membership level provides support for FOML services from libraries and offers eligibility for FOML awards and grants.

PATRON – This higher level of membership is a strong pledge of annual financial support for ongoing FOML services to the Michigan library community. Individuals or Groups are eligible for Patron membership.

LIFE –  A Life Friend reflects a commitment to the continuing life time of the FOML organization and is a positive statement in support of FOML services and the value of their continuation. Individuals or Groups are eligible for Life time membership.

All memberships are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Access to information exchange about Friends groups throughout Michigan;
  • An electronic copy of the FOML Newsletter which is filled with ideas and projects from Friends;
  • Access to the FOML Manual (online publication);
  • The opportunity to participate in FOML workshops at member rates;
  • Opportunities to help develop the FOML website through your member contribution of library photographs and other material;
  • Receive information about the FOML Board and its activities and plans;
  • Eligibility for the Harriet Larsen Founders Award and the annual FOML Award of Merit;
  • Assistance (upon request) from a FOML Board member about questions and concerns involving Friends development and organization;
  • An opportunity to become a member of the FOML Board and work toward the improvement of Friends’ services;
  • Establish networking connections among Michigan Friends groups and participate in the FOML listserv.

NOTE:  The Friends of Michigan Libraries (FOML) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization with a strong commitment to its mission as an information resource and support group for Michigan Friends.

Are you or your Friends group interested in joining the Friends of Michigan Libraries? When you join FOML, you help strengthen its mission: Support for Michigan Libraries.

Please select the desired type of membership below and complete the process online. You may pay by credit card, Paypal or request an invoice.

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