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While general information may be all you need, no two Friends groups are exactly the same. So, you may benefit from a personal consultation with one of our team to identify opportunities to increase revenues, reduce expenses, streamline your operations, manage your volunteers and maximize your impact on the library and community.
If you’re interested in a free and confidential consultation, here’s what you can expect:
1.The first step is for you to provide background information about your Friends group to help us understand the basic facts about your group and what you’re doing right now. This will help us know what types of questions to ask when we speak with you.
2.Your request will be assigned to the consultant located nearest to you to facilitate face-to-face discussions if appropriate.
3.Your consultant will work with you to establish the best time, place and process to continue the preliminary information-gathering and to establish some goals and timelines. When feasible, it’s usually beneficial for the consultant to meet with you at your library to better assess the possibilities.
4.The consultant will provide you with a personalized list of recommendations and suggested actions for your consideration. Of course, you are under no obligation to implement any of the recommendations.
5.With your permission, the consultant will stay in touch with you on a quarterly basis to assess progress and assist in modifying the plan based on roadblocks encountered.