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Self Service

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How to start or re-energize a Friends group.

  • Policies, bylaws and procedures
  • How to move off life support

How to run an effective book sale.

  • Encouraging more book donations
  • Sorting and pricing books

How to sell online.

  • Matching your process to your resources
  • Research, pricing, listing, shipping

How to establish and operate an in-library bookstore.

  • Simple or complex operation
  • Displays, specials, keeping things interesting

How to recruit and retain good volunteers.

  • Where to look for them
  • Training and motivation

How to increase and communicate with membership.

  • Determining benefits and delivering
  • Effective communication tools.

How to conduct effective fundraising beyond the sale of books.

  • Learning from other Friends groups
  • Tapping into the community for support

How to develop effective communications tools.

  • Email, posters, flyers, bookmarks, web content
  • Matching messaging to your audience

How to develop and manage an effective social media program.

  • Develop your own content or repost others’?
  • Building a social media policy

How to build strategic and tactical plans that fit your needs.

  • Where are you? Where do you want to go? How to get there.
  • Baby steps to success.

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