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Consult-A-Friend Services

Sometimes, it helps to have access to critical resources or a friend to talk to about your organization’s needs. Well, FOML can give you easy access to a wide variety of resources. And then, if you still need a hand, we can jump in to consult with you on how to make your group more successful. And, best of all, it’s a free service we offer to members only.
The program offers three different levels of service. Pick the one that works best for you. Or, pick all three! Click on one of the following to get started:

     1.  Self-Service

Many questions can be quickly answered by having access to the right written or digital resources. Our Members Manual, topical articles, Q&As and other tools are easy to find and use.

     2.  Assisted Service

If you haven’t been able to find the answers you need or would simply prefer assistance from a human, please complete the request form below and hit the “submit” button. We will get back to you within 48 hours either with an answer or to request additional information.

     3.  Consultative Service

Sometimes, you might be facing a series of connected or disconnected issues that require more than a bit of research in reference materials. Or, you might not even realize that there are other or better ways you could be doing things to improve your results. If either of those are the case, you might find value in asking our consultants to do a free, confidential evaluation of your operations, with recommendations for improvement.


Self Service

You may be able to answer your need by simply looking through the wide variety of tools and information that is available to you on our website. Whether you’re looking to start or re-energize a Friends group, run an effective book sale, sell online, create an in-library bookstore, recruit and retain volunteers, increase membership or do any number of other things, “Self-Service” is a good place to start.

Click here for a list of the most requested topics


Assisted Service

If you can’t find the answers you need on your own or would simply prefer assistance from a human, please click on the link below and complete the “Assisted Service” request form. Please state your need or question thoroughly. Too much detail is better than too little. We will get back to you within 48 hours either with an answer or to request additional information.

Click here to complete the Assisted Service Request Form


Consultative Service

While general information may be all you need, no two Friends groups are exactly the same. So, you may benefit from a personal consultation with one of our team members to identify opportunities to increase revenues, reduce expenses, streamline your operations, manage your volunteers and maximize your impact on the library and community.
If you’re interested in a free and confidential consultation, here’s what you can expect:
1.The first step is for you to provide background information about your Friends group to help us understand the basic facts about your group and what you’re doing right now. This will help us know what types of questions to ask when we speak with you.
2.Your request will be assigned to the consultant located nearest to you to facilitate face-to-face discussions if appropriate.
3.Your consultant will work with you to establish the best time, place and process to continue the preliminary information-gathering and to establish some goals and timelines. When feasible, it’s usually beneficial for the consultant to meet with you at your library to better assess the possibilities.
4.The consultant will provide you with a personalized list of recommendations and suggested actions for your consideration. Of course, you are under no obligation to implement any of the recommendations.
5.With your permission, the consultant will stay in touch with you on a quarterly basis to assess progress and assist in modifying the plan based on roadblocks encountered.

Click here to complete the Consultative Service Request Form